1.11 Crore Farmers Register On e-NAM To Sell Produce Online: Radha Mohan Singh

1.11 crore farmers register on e-NAM to sell produce online: Radha Mohan Singh

On e-NAM platform over 1.11 crore farmers spread over 16 states and union territories have registered for this. Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said, It promotes better marketing opportunities for farmers to sell their produce online.

Singh also said in the Lok Sabha that farmers wishing to join e-NAM platform need to register themselves on the e-NAM portal and can sell their produce on the e-NAM platform in any e-NAM mandi of their choice.

Mr. Singh said during Question Hour, “e-NAM platform promotes better marketing opportunities for farmers to sell their products through online, competitive and transparent price discovery system and online payment facility.

“It also promotes prices commensurate with the quality of the product. All these contribute towards better marketing efficiency and also better prices to farmers”.

The minister said a total of 585 ‘mandis’ have been integrated till March 31, 2018, on the e-NAM platform. Mandis are on-board to the e-NAM platform based on proposals received from respective states with an appropriate detailed project report.

Singh said three essential reforms the states must carry out for consideration are e-trading, single point levy of market fee and unified single trading license for the state.

The government of India provides certain assistance to the states, such as free access to the e-NAM platform, financial assistance for computer hardware, Internet facility and assaying equipment, mandi analyst for each e-NAM mandi for a year and training to stakeholders in mandis being integrated, he said.


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