Airline Adopts Biofuel In Green Push

Airline adopts biofuel

The aviation industry is skyrocket nowadays. So there is a huge demand of fuel for the aircrafts. Airline industry leader Cathay Pacific recently tested an aircraft with biofuel. Airline adopts biofuel.

A new Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 aircraft flew from the French city to Toulose Hong Kong. The intresting thing about this is the aircraft partly powered by a sugarcane based biofuel.

The test was successful and it may be the future. Biofuel can reduce greenhouse gas emission by up to 80%.

Cathay Pacific is technologically advanced aircraft. The company has receives 20 order for delivery over the next four years. More orders yet to come.

Cathay Pacific chief executive Rupert Hogg said the airline wanted to reduce the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Their company will continue to support the development and usage of biofuel to reach mainstream commercial viability.

This biofuel technology may be the future of the aviation industry.


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