Apple’s iOS 12 OS Will Have A Do-Not-Disturb App

Apple’s iOS 12 OS will have a Do-Not-Disturb app

India’s telecom regulator and Apple have likely reached an understanding to end a dispute over the US smartphone maker Apple.

A middle ground appears to have been found with Apple set to include about 75% of the features that are on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s DND app in its new operating system to be launched in September.

Trai seems to be satisfied with the arrangement mainly because of iOS 12, Apple’s new operating system will allow subscribers to do what DND app does – flag unwanted calls and messages. However, the iPhone maker has stuck to its privacy policy, which doesn’t allow access to user call logs and messages.

The new operating system will allow users to block and report numbers, register, modify or de-register a customer’s preferences with the operator and even file plaints with the access provider.

Trai Chairman RS Sharma said, “Consumers of mobiles and smartphones should be able to complain about unsolicited commercial communications. It is not necessary that Trai’s DND app is allowed – any operating system can develop their own application”.

Sharma said, The regulator is not concerned about one particular app, Trai is working with companies to resolve the issues and none of them is “insurmountable”.

“They (Apple) will launch the iOS 12, which has features that meet our (Trai) demands,” said a Trai official who did not want to be identified. Apple didn’t respond to ET’s emailed queries. Apple has refused to carry Trai’s DND app in its App Store, saying it accesses a user’s calls and message logs, which is against its privacy policy. Sharma had said earlier that Apple was acting like a “data colonizer” and was being “anti-consumer”.

Apple was open to legally challenge the order, especially as company officials had had several meetings to explain the features of iOS 12 and resolve the issue.

associate research director at IDC India and South Asia, Navkendar Singh said, “A truce is important because India remains the fastest-growing smartphone market and a very important one for the next five-seven years since headroom to grow is huge. However, knowing Apple and its privacy policies, it will not give in to any one government’s demands”.


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