Philips, IBM, Wipro & Infosys Are Investing In Students To Create Skills-Ready Workforce

Philips, IBM, Wipro & Infosys are investing in students to create skills-ready workforce

Growing demand for skill in India forces companies to Invest in skill developments. IT jaints like Philips, IBM, Wipro & Infosys are investing in students to create skills-ready workforce.

They starts promoting interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It also starts creating awareness about new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

They also ensuring a skills-ready workforce that can face every skill challenges in futures.

Let’s starts with Philips. The Philips Innovation Campus runs a programme called Pathshala. Under this program, it brings students in Class IX and X to understand the kinds of jobs available in the healthcare sector.

A couple of months ago, Philips started an artificial intelligence (AI) lab at Manipal University. The lab is called the HealthSuite Insights Lab. It uses the AI to work.

The company also keep in touch with universities such as IIT-Kharagpur, UVCE, Manipal, IISc and MSRIT to boost the data science and AI.

“This helps ensure that the skills and knowledge students are learning are in line with what is required in the industry,” said Deepak Shetty, senior director-HR at Philips Innovation Campus.

EXL implements this new strategy in two focus areas such as education and skill development. It teaches students from the seventh to tenth class both in government and other schools, specifically in STEM subjects.

Source – Economic Times

“Given the success of this pilot project, we aim to expand the initiative in the near future,” global HR leader Manishi Saxena said.

Beyond, skill development programme, EXL is also providing awareness in school and college graduates to gain foundational skills like analytics, finance & accounting, back-office, and machine learning.

IBM supports the Niti Aayog’s Atal Tinkering Mission to build innovation mindsets in students. IBM launching school training programmes that will promote students to new thinking and technologies in cognitive and artificial intelligence.

The SAP lab is also running an internship programme where it partners with National Institute of Design, Srishti School of Design and other design schools.

Infosys has been running a programme, Catch Them Young. This is to nurture a sense of passion in future talent, with a focus on information communication technology and hands-on lab work right from an early stage.

Another such initiative is the Rural Reach Program that aims to raise awareness of computers and introduce the power of IT to rural schoolchildren.

Infosys also promoting young students develop an interest in mathematics, science, and technology.


IT giants like Philips, IBM, Wipro & Infosys are investing in students to create skills-ready workforce. So the future is of Indian youth will be bright and they are ready for the skill war. The sunny days are not so far.


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