Chinese Hackers Steal US Files On Undersea Warfare

Chinese government hackers stole

A big news coming from the US. Chinese government hackers stole a large amount of highly sensitive data from US submarines. The data contains plans for a super anti-ship missile for use on US submarines.

This news was reported in Washington post on Friday. The FBI did not say anything about this immediately.

It would be inappropriate to discuss further details at this time, the US Navy said in response.

The Chinese embassy know nothing about the hacking, one spokesperson told. It is believed that the hackers targeted a contractor working for the Naval Undersea Warfare Centre, on Rhode Island.

The highly sensitive data was stored on the contractor’s unclassified network. Officials said the material may be considered as classified and was highly sensitive.

Chinese government hackers stole data could give China important information about the technology and tactics at sea. It also includes its conflict with a half-dozen nations including Indonesia and Japan in the South China Sea.

According to Washington Post, The material comprised 614 gigabytes relating to a project known as Sea Dragon, as well as signals and sensor data, submarine radio room information relating to cryptographic systems and the Navy submarine development unit’s electronic warfare library.

Chinese government hackers stole the files. There will a huge loss of weapons and intelligence data. The loss also includes the cryptographic information used in submarine communications.

Those cryptographic techniques allow coordination of forces at sea. It can give an enemy a huge tactical advantage in any conflict.


Chinese government hackers stole sensitive data from the computers of a US Navy contractor. It may be a serious issue for the US Navy and the submarines use in the South China Sea.

We have to wait for the official FBI report about this serious issue.


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