Chinese Villages To Get Internet Access By 2020

Chinese villages to get internet access by 2020

In this world, the Internet is required, like Oxygen is needed to live life. Nowadays, World is converting into Digital field. Most of the works like Marketing, Billing, Banking, Booking etc are done online.

With the help of the Internet, people save their time, get different benefits and easily interacted with each other.

According to the survey, 98% of China’s 122,900 registered poor villages will have access to the internet by 2020.

The ministry of industry and information technology announced.

The ministry will work to provide both broadband and 4G data network to the villages. Chinese villages to get internet access by 2020.

It will motivate telecom operators to offer special discounts on network charges to provide quality internet services at a low cost.

The ministry also has the plan to reduce the price of cell phones so that it is easy to use.

Nowadays Internet has become a fundamental right. We mostly used in our daily life. If you want to up to date with your society then you have to know the use of the Internet.


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