Deepak Kumar Nath Awarded The Youth Of Odisha 2018

deepak kumar nath

Technology is everywhere. Do you hear words like “Ethical Hacking” “Cybersecurity”? I think you must be. If not that’s OK. These words are now like buzzwords. You can find this type of words or related to this in the everyday newspaper and other famous media. Do you hear a name Deepak Kumar Nath?

Well, Deepak Kumar Nath is an India famous Ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert. Deepak Kumar Nath is also a successful young entrepreneur of Odisha. Or you can say Deepak Kumar Nath is the youngest successful entrepreneur of Odisha.

For his remarkable achievement in the field of entrepreneurship, the honorable minister Surya Narayan Patra awarded him as the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018. One of the prestigious award for an entrepreneur.

Why Deepak Kumar Nath awarded the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018

After reading the above sentence you may have the doubt why Deepak Kumar Nath awarded the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018. I think the question is obvious. So let’s find the answer.

Youth Of Odisha Award is a prestigious award gives to the young entrepreneur of Odisha. Every young entrepreneur in Odisha has a dream to achieve this award. There are several young entrepreneurs who start there journey and step back when he fails. But success comes to them who stay in his work.

Deepak Kumar Nath is one of them who tastes the success of entrepreneurship. He started his journey of entrepreneurship at the age of 18. In this age, many students have not completed his intermediate educations.

For his remarkable achievement in the field of entrepreneurship, he was awarded as the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018. The award was organized by Ever Green Forum.

Deepak Kumar Nath

Short description of Deepak Kumar Nath

It is actually impossible to describe someone’s life in an article or in a paragraph. Still, let’s see the journey of a successful entrepreneur Deepak Kumar Nath.


Deepak Kumar Nath has got a long list of certification from some of the famous organizations. Let me list out all the certification.

  • Advanced Threat Detection in ICS – SCADA Environments from U.S Department of Homeland Security
  • Information Security Expert from DeVry University
  • Operational Security (OPSEC) for Control Systems Certification form National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC)
  • Cyber Crime Protection Program from Asian School of Cyber Laws

Prestigious Honours & Awards

Including the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018, Deepak Kumar Nath has Awarded many prestigious honors and awards.

  • Facebook Security Hall of Fame
  • Constant Contact
  • Sony Hall of Thanks
  • Mastercard Security Hall of Fame
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Security Hall of Fame
  • Freelancer Security Hall of Fame
  • Jet Security Hall of Fame
  • Magento Security Hall of Fame
  • Volusion Security Hall of Fame
  • Microsoft Security Researchers Award Spotify Security Hall of Fame
  • Skytv Security Hall of Fame
  • Inflectra Security Hall of Fame
  • Get Pocket Security Acknowledgement
  • Sellfy Security Hall of Fame
  • Bitcasa Security Acknowledgement
  • Blackberry Security Hall of Fame

Along with this, He got Rajya Puraskar from Dr. Murali Chandra Kanta Bhandare, the former Governor of Odisha in the year of 2009. This one is for his great contribution towards Scout and Guide of Odisha. Deepak Kumar Nath’s motive is to help people through his learning career.

He is a motivational and most inspiring Ted x Speaker. He has become the role model and inspiration for all the youngsters of India.

Being the youngest successful Entrepreneur in Odisha He has trained 15000+ Students on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.

He got selected as Global Leader in Global Shapers Fellowship Program by ISPA International Society.

Deepak Kumar Nath also got selected as a team member in TOP 20 Innovex Entrepreneurs in Odisha has started the 1st IT Security Services Provider at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Throughout last 7 years, Deepak Kumar Nath is trying his best to make the internet world clean and hacking proof. As the hacking attempt is constantly increasing day after day it is very necessary to aware of it.

Deepak Kumar Nath as an Entrepreneur

As I mentioned earlier, Deepak Kumar Nath has started his entrepreneur journey at the age of 18. Unlike other students, he steps foot in the oz world of Entrepreneurship. As he is passionate about the information security, nothing to will stop him in this journey.

He has made the 1st IT Security Company in Odisha named Global Tech Promotors (GTP). Here is the official website of Global Tech Promoters. The main motive of this company is Performing internal audits & security assessments and documentation of web server security, enterprise policies & procedures.

Deepak Kumar Nath has been actively involved in Training & Contributing contents on Web Apps Penetration Testing & Security Audits.


Let’s conclude this article. As a young entrepreneur, Deepak Kumar Nath has earned many honors and awards in national and international level.  Deepak Kumar Nath is trying to develop a shape and hacking proof environment.

I want that Deepak Kumar Nath keeps attempt up and running in the field of IT security and entrepreneurship.

He is spreading awareness by giving your valuable knowledge to the young generation of India and create a hacking proof security world for the betterment of the society. Let’s learn something from him.


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