Deepak Kumar Nath Inaugurated CISCO Cyberops In MVGR Engineering College

Global Tech Promoters

Most recently, the CEO of Global Tech Promoters, Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath has inaugurated the Presentation of Workshop in MVGR (Maharaj Vijayaram Gajapathi Raj) Autonomous College on Cyberops, organized by CISCO Networking Academy.

MVGR Autonomous College is ranked 76 in India among Top 100 Private Engineering Institute.

It has covered an area of 60+acre of land controlled by Government of Andhra Pradesh along with the Government of India.

It nearly surrounds 2000 students and is situated in Vizianagaram.

MVGR College is well known for its vast infrastructure, efficient teaching process, very well hospitality facilities and many more.

The students of MVGR Engineering students were seemed to have a keen interest in learning Cyberops organized by CISCO Networking Academy in association with Global Tech Promoters (GTP).

After the training session, wonderful reviews were in a queue which highlighted the summary of the level of excitement and interest among those students.

It was really fortunate for MVGR Engineering College to be chosen as a focal point for training on CISCO Cyberops.

Every individual must take advantage of this golden opportunity given by CISCO Networking Academy to explore knowledge on Cyber Security to free India from cyber crimes.

For the first time in India, CISCO Networking Academy has organized Workshop on CISCO Cyberops in association with Global Tech Promoters to promote Cyber Security and its importance in India.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, the CEO of Global Tech Promoters, is one of the most renowned Ethical Hacker in India.

He has achieved any bug bounties from world-class companies such as Facebook, Blackberry, and Microsoft etc.

GTP in association with CISCO Networking Academy has put forward the importance of Cyber Security in today’s era.

Now, the time itself is demanding for technological improvisation to reduce the risks of cybercrime all over the world.


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