Leading Ethical Hacker, Deepak Kumar Nath Is Invited By TechBhubaneswar As Technical Speaker In Cyber Security


Information technology has spread all over the world. The world has become a small village. We step forward each day towards the future of technology.

You may have an interest in tech related things. I think so because most of us have the same as. We want to update each and every day what is going on the planet.

As you are in the tech universe, Do you know TechBhubaneswar? If not its ok. Most of the people not aware of it.

Let’s know something about TechBhubaneswar.


Technology is changing every day. So, the working IT professionals must have the latest technologies and walking with the trends to build futuristic software applications.

In this case tech conferences make it easier for the working professionals in this industry to learn and discuss within the tech community is win-win situation for all.

But the IT professionals working in eastern India rarely attend any tech conferences regularly. So, Mindfire Solutions analysis this and want to make it easier for working professionals to sharpen their technical knowledge and skills. It organizes a TechBhubaneswar conference.

The first TechBhubaneswar is very successful. So this year it organizing the second edition of the first tech conference in Eastern India – TechBhubaneswar.

TechBhubaneswar 2.0 will take place at Hotel Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar on 10th December 2017. The tech conference will comprise of 12 sessions, 3 technical tracks, and a panel discussion. A working IT professional can attend the conference as a speaker, volunteer or attendee.

For more information about this just head to the TechBhubaneswar official website.

About Deepak Kumar Nath

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, the CEO of Global Tech Promoters, is well recognized being a renowned Security Researcher, Ethical Hacker, and TEDx Speaker in India.


For his remarkable achievement in the field of entrepreneurship, he was awarded as the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018. The award was organized by Ever Green Forum.

Including the Youth Of Odisha Award 2018, Deepak Kumar Nath has Awarded many prestigious honors and awards.

  • Facebook Security Hall of Fame
  • Constant Contact
  • Sony Hall of Thanks
  • Mastercard Security Hall of Fame
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Security Hall of Fame
  • Freelancer Security Hall of Fame
  • Jet Security Hall of Fame
  • Magento Security Hall of Fame
  • Volusion Security Hall of Fame
  • Microsoft Security Researchers Award Spotify Security Hall of Fame
  • Skytv Security Hall of Fame
  • Inflectra Security Hall of Fame
  • Get Pocket Security Acknowledgement
  • Sellfy Security Hall of Fame
  • Bitcasa Security Acknowledgement
  • Blackberry Security Hall of Fame


Along with this, He got Rajya Puraskar from Dr. Murali Chandra Kanta Bhandare, the former Governor of Odisha in the year of 2009. This one is for his great contribution towards Scout and Guide of Odisha. Deepak Kumar Nath’s motive is to help people through his learning career.

So, the tech enthusiast and leading ethical hacker Deepak Kumar Nath has been invited to speak in this prestigious tech conference.

In an exclusive interview with the founder of Global Tech Promoters Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, he said he can’t wait for the moment TechBhubaneswar conference.

He is feeling very proud and excited to talk at that conference.

Deepak Kumar Nath is one of them who tastes the success of entrepreneurship. He started his journey of entrepreneurship at the age of 18. In this age, many students have not completed his intermediate educations.

GTP is the leading provider of Global Business and A to Z technology-enabled services.

Global Tech Promoters, one of the most renowned Organizations promoting Cybersecurity technology globally.

Today, the world is converting to Digital outlook. Henceforth, now time demands improvisation of technological skills to face any critical challenges.

Now is the time to learn about new technologies to shape the future. Awareness about the cyber threats among the youths has become paramount.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath is spreading awareness by giving your valuable knowledge to the young generation of India and create a hacking proof security world for the betterment of society.

In the tech collaboration like TechBhubaneswar conference, he can multiply this and the audience may hope the best speech in cybersecurity they ever heard.


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