Door Opens For Online Course


Online Courses has already opened the golden gate to empower everyone to lighten the knowledge. Online courses modernizing formal education and have opened a new field of outreach on professional topics.

It provides a platform where anybody can learn seating at any corner of the world.

Nowadays everyone should conscious of online courses because it is a boon for our generation.

Sometimes at zero cost, you can grab the golden opportunity to opt for a learning environment which is waiting for you.

It is seen that Kunal Ved, a relationship manager in a private bank, is taking up an e-learning course to upskill himself on the digital marketing.

It offers a flexibility to your work schedules and course timing.

At the same time as corporates adopt e-learning platforms and micro-learning to strengthen their employees.

Blended learning, a combination of online courses and offline touch points, is increasingly adopted by corporates and individuals.

According to survey 25-30% companies opting for blended learning over 100% classroom or e-learning courses.

Students get benefit from peer-to-peer collaboration in classroom sessions and flexibility of the online–modules.

Here on news ‘Udacity’ offers the course in its B2B offering to corporates for its nano-degree programme.


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