Facebook Launches Its Own Video Platform Globally

Facebook watch

A very good news for all Facebook fans. Facebook has officially launched Watch video-streaming platform worldwide. It happens nearly a year after its initial launch in the US.

Facebook promises to bring ‘interactive’ experiences, including ‘Watch Parties’, premieres and interactive quiz-style shows, and unique-to-platform content.  Watch gives users of the social network a hub to discover content (including live streams), create watch feeds and archive saved videos from the news feed.

Making the service available to its global audience will have put the video service on a similar par to YouTube overnight, meaning both new and existing partners will now have increased access to billions of users.

It also opens up a potentially vast new source of ad dollars for the social site which has been battling slowing revenue growth this year and limited supplies of available inventory for some time.

Watch creators will now be able to ‘auto-add’ relevant pre-roll and mid-roll ads to the content providing they have hit certain metrics; their videos must be over three-minutes long; have accrued more than 30K one-minute views in the past 12 months; have 10K followers, and meet Facebook’s eligibility standards.

Watch also offers basic tools for discovery, saving videos for later viewing, and lets users customize a feed of videos from Facebook Pages they follow.

Along with international availability, Facebook is introducing “Ad Breaks” to more publishers. These can be either mid-roll or pre-roll ads, or images below the video. Publishers can either insert the ads themselves or use Facebook’s automated ad insertion features. Facebook says 70+ percent of mid-roll ads are viewed to completion.


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