Global Tech Promoters Now Get Associated With GIIS (Global Institute Of Information Security)

Global Tech Promoters

Cyber Security is a trending word now. In Today’s scenario, the use of the internet is inevitable. Hence whatever we use in our daily lives is based on internet tools and services. Do you know Global Tech Promoters (GTP)?

Hence those platforms gather most of our sensitive personal data and other vital information. So with the advancement of technology, there is a big disadvantage lies to be a victim of cyber threats.

No need to worry here’s one solution: – Global Tech Promoters which not only protects you from being a victim of cyber threats but provides a golden opportunity for Beginners to learn about Cyber Security. Global Tech Promoters has now associated with GIIS to provide Diploma & Master degree in Cyber Security.

Global Institute Of Information Security(GIIS), the world-class leading Cybersecurity Training & Certification provider on latest career-oriented professional courses. With growing demand of the Cyber Security Expert, you may have the wish to join the training program. By learning this, you can become an information security expert and you can take preventive security steps to the next level.

With the collaboration of Global Tech Promoters (GTP) and Global Institute Of Information Security (GIIS), they became a superpower in the field of information security.

Most of us possess a wrong perception about understanding Diploma as compare to +2. Why such perception arise among us? Have you ever think of the real fact behind it which is logically true.  Do n’t get bias be truthful to you and then think.

After 10th have you ever thought about career counseling?

Have you passed the 10th exam?  Then what do you think to do after clearing the 10th?

Have you ever heard about counseling?  Nowadays every student should go through career counseling to explore the right path with right direction at right time.

Why student usually prefer +2 to Diploma?

Most Students however still prefer following the traditional system and path of studies by opting for formal 11th and 12th standard. They differentiate in terms of standard, fees structure, and superficial thoughts, Educational system etc.

Generally, students after matriculation tend to compromise with their core interest subject and opt for those fields which may not suit them as far as long-term growth prospects are concerned.

After +2 do you think you have enough knowledge to do any professional job?

Today’s Educational System has witnessed a great change. Earlier students did not have many streams of study or courses to opt for. But nowadays they have better opportunity to grab that make a brighter life.

But due to lack of knowledge and awareness, they miss the chance to make life beautiful. The surrounding around us always try to bind us within a limited boundary but we are forgetting that life itself has no boundary.

After matriculation, if someone opts for +2 it is good no doubt but the thing is the probability of trial and error percentage of a secured job is more but in the case of Diploma the percentage of job placement is higher with better options.

Do you know nowadays how many Engineers and doctors are available in the market?

According to survey if 1,00,000 students go through entrance exam then 50,000 students grab the opportunity to go better university and out of the 25,000 students only got chance to have a suitable job for them.

After seeing this Choose according to your wish.

Do You know what is the approach of hiring in top most companies?

The top most companies have many defined protocols which you have to go through strictly. But the foremost thing is how much depth knowledge you have related to your core subject. Irrespective of other parameters, basic fundamentals will help you in every field.

Do you know what is Cyber Security?

You may have the doubt why cybersecurity needs? And why cybersecurity training is much important. Well, you are not alone. Many people have the several doubts regarding this. Let’s clear your doubt first.


Every sensitive information we store on the internet, so there is a huge possibility to crack the firewall and grab our sensitive data easily. In order to avoid to be a victim of cyber threats, we have to be aware of Cyber Threats and Cyber Security.

Do You know how much percentage of people exactly know about Cyber Security?

Hardly 25% of people know what is Cyber Security. what do you think?

It means to grab better placement in this area is much more easy in comparison to other.

Don’t waste time in thinking just go through Google. Guys, we are in 2018.  “Think differently to make impossible to possible”.

Why choose GIIS?

The way to change the world has now been initiated by Cyber Security Expert Deepak Kumar Nath.

He has more than 7 years of Experience, have found & reported major Critical Vulnerabilities in Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, AT&T, MasterCard, Freelancer, ESET, Appetitive & many more Companies.

He got Honored with Hall of Fames & Rewarded with Bounties.

With an aim to provide Diploma and Master degree in Cyber Security for students. Today several courses have sprung up in the education sector.  Students after completing their 10th standard can opt for short and long term diploma courses.

Diploma courses in a varying field of study are available for students to choose from. Many Courses are quite offbeat and offer specialization in a subject or discipline of study.

But doing diploma in GIIS is the best option for the student. It provides a very good platform for the students interested in the field of information security and it makes the best efforts to make the student understand the several concepts related to the field of information security. Types of courses given by GIIS.

Global Tech Promoters also signed a contract with Hostcode Skill for training purposes.

Course Provided

Diploma in Cyber Security (DCS) – Graduate Diploma Training Program

Master in Cyber Security(MCS) – Graduate Degree Training Program


Cybersecurity provides you better opportunity to make your career beautiful. So take the right decision at right time and visit Global Tech Promoters (GTP).


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