Google Bets $550M On Chinese E-commerce Giant

Google Bets $550 On Chinese E-commerce giant

Tech giant Google will invest more half a billion dollars in Chain’s second-largest e-commerce company Google Bets $550M On Chinese E-commerce giant

This will push the Google Shopping, which poses a challenge to Amazon. Google will use the supply chain and logistics experience of JD and use it in Southeast Asia, the US and Europe.

“This partnership with Google opens up a broad range of possibility to offer a superior retail experience to consumers throughout the world,”’s chief strategy officer Jianwen Liao said.

Google will put $550 million in cash into Google will receive 27.1 million newly issued shares. The shares are nearly 1% stake in the company.

The partnership will affect Google’s status in China because Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps are blocked.


Google Bets $550M On Chinese E-commerce giant The tech giant is not focusing on China, a spokesperson said. competes aggressively with Alibaba.


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