Google Plus Most Preferred By Extremist Groups

Google plus most preferred by extremist groups

Today, Social sites has become a paramount for each and every individual.

Recently, it has been observed that Facebook and Twitter have come down heavily due to people sharing of violent contents which pose a negative impact.

This has forced Extremist groups to switch on to Google plus to popularize their propaganda, as media reported.

According to Report in The Independent, Google acknowledged this issue by addressing that it had “more to do” to properly address it.

Google has also put dedicated teams in place for proper functionality and management and to have a glance on the content background.

A Google Spokesperson told The Independent: “We have vivid and clear policies against violent contents as well as content from the illegal source.”

Finding of any violent contents, swift action will be taken by Google he added.

Google plus assured to be more committed in respect of following strict policies against violent contents.

In addition to this, Google said that it had put dedicated team especially for grabbing the violent content and hate speech off their platforms, including Google Plus. Google plus most preferred by extremist groups.

Recently, The Hill Reported that White nationalist and neo-Nazil trolls have found a home on Google plus.

Dozens of Google plus communities are flexibly posting explicitly racist and Anti-Semitic content, the report said.

The Independent also founded homophobic images and comments provoking violence on Google’s Social media platform. Google plus most preferred by extremist groups.

It has been observed that one of the Google plus Members sharing such content had 600+ followers.

A remarkable clampdown on such content on Facebook came after a White Supremacists marched on Charlottesville, Virginia, last year.


Internal documents reported by Motherboard exposed that online moderators were educated about hate speech, as well as how to distinguish between terms like Nationalism and Fascism.


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