Government Plans To Split Airspace For Better Air Safety

Government plans to split airspace for better air safety

The aviation ministry has decided to apportion the Indian airspace into two categories. This is because concerned by the number of near misses in the Indian skies to ensure focused monitoring by the Air Traffic Controllers’ office. Government plans to split airspace for better air safety

This move will help in better monitoring of aircraft movement and improve the efficiency of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and make skies safer in the world’s highest expanding market.

Government plans to split airspace for better air safety
Source – ET

The airspace that commercial airliners use is between zero and 46,000 feet and this will be divided into lower airspace (up to 29,000 feet), and upper airspace (between 29,000 feet and 46,000 feet).

The decision on bifurcation was taken at a meeting convened by aviation secretary RN Choubey on May 29 this year.

A senior ATC official said that the move will reduce the workload on ATCOs and help enhance efficiency as well as safety.

A senior ATC official said, “This bifurcation helps reduce the load on ATCOs, as dedicated controllers can be assigned to guide flights overflying the Indian airspace or landing and taking off at Indian airports,”. The official also said

This will reduce the load on ATCOs and go a long way to reduce the number of near misses, or close calls, in the Indian skies.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) chairman GP Mohapatra said that such initiatives help improve efficiency.

According to estimates, India has between 2,500 and 2,800 ATCOs and need to hire about 1,200 more. The ATCOs at Indian airports are under huge stress due to a sheer shortage of these officers. The requirements are set to increase further as Indian aviation expands to unserved parts of the country under the regional connectivity scheme.

The data also shows that a number of air miss incidents also declined to 26 in 2017 from 32 in 2016, when it has grown by 28% over 2015.

Government plans to split airspace for better air safety. This may be an impressive step for the aviation industry.


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