Ministry Issues Guidelines To Standardise Usage Of Skill India logo

guidelines for use of Skill India logo

Skill India program is one of the successful programs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. Nearly three years after the launch of Skill India programme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has rolled out guidelines for use of Skill India logo to standardize usage of the logo of the flagship programme, tagline, and picture of the PM across all mediums of communication.

“The usage of Skill India logo will assist in creating a common recall and identity for all initiatives being undertaken by the government of India and other entities,” the ministry said in the guidelines running into more than 30 pages.

Here is the link to the Guidelines for use of Skill India logo

The guideline is very straight. According to the guidelines, permission from the skills development ministry would be required for using the logo and tagline for events, publications, website, portals and electronic media.

The guidelines for use of Skill India logo also contains some other rules. only official pictures of the PM will have to be used across creatives with all approvals on each creative (print/social/hoarding/any other branding) to be accorded from the Prime Minister’s Office directly.

When the program was launched in 2015, The government had targeted training more than 400 million people in different skills by 2022.

With an aim to make India the skill capital of the world, the ministry is now converging all skill related programmes of more than a dozen central ministries.

Around 12 million youth enter the country’s workforce every year but a large chunk of them are unemployable because of poor skillsets, which is why it’s a key thrust area for the government.


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