Hacker Are Careless About The Cyber Security Expert

Hackers are careless about the cybersecurity expert

In this day and age, Cyber Attacks is a buzzword. Everyone should be aware of cyber-attacks. The government should place the dedicated team of security experts to leave no place for cyber-attacks.

Cyber attacks are now illuminating with a spotlight. It can play the worst role beyond imagination.

The term Hacktivism is nothing but the mindset of a hacker.

Before hacking, the perpetrator(professional hacker) usually gather information about the target site and implement all related methodologies to break the access point with the motive to grab. Hackers are careless about the cybersecurity expert.

Cyber attacks have long been hard to stop because determining where they come from takes time and sometimes the mystery is never solved.

The government has been so ineffectual at protecting, its highly sophisticated cyberweapons those weapons have been stolen out of the electronic vaults of the National Security Agency and the CIA and shot right back at the US.

One of the best examples is Wanna cry ransomware which is attacked by North Korea.

They used very high-end software methodologies.

Now the time demands cybersecurity experts to put a full stop on the side of cyber attackers.

To make this happen, cybersecurity expert has to walk feet to feet with the cyber attackers.

To prevent cybersecurity attack in future, cybersecurity expert has to invent new methodologies to stop the attacker.


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