IIT Madras Mounting Tech for Waterways, Ports

IIT Madras

Today’s scenario, Technological advancement has become an utmost concern among the Researchers and developers.

Recently, IIT Madras has stepped up towards developing the technology for Waterways, Ports etc.

The IIT Madras National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways, and Coasts (NTCPWC) freshly established at the institute as the technical arm of the Union shipping ministry.

The NTCPWC is performing its best to enhance the development of homegrown technology and to bring expertise in India’s Port and maritime sector.

Even as the Unit will be concentrating on a host of areas.

It includes autonomous platforms for navigational and water quality monitoring, nighttime navigation in inland watercourses, new concepts in breakwaters and many more.

NTCPWC has a two-pronged approach: Fully consolidate to provide solutions to fulfill the technical requirements of the sector.

Secondly, striving to continue as the leading solution provider in the Indian context, added by K. Murali, professor.

Since 2015, several collaborations between IIT Madras and the Union shipping ministry led to the establishment of NTCPWC in February 2018 at a cost of about Rs. 70 Crore.

NTCPWC having plans to indigenize the primary areas such as ports and harbor engineering, port structures and waterway terminals, port and inland navigation, dredging, simulation in physical and computer models, baseline, continuous monitoring of shipping channels and inland waterways.

IIT Madras had begun to replace some of the overseas consultants appointed by shipping ministry.


The NTCPWC will also play a vital role on the human resource front by training manpower, thus bringing dexterity in studying the specific projects and capable to make wise and appropriate decisions.


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