IITs Likely To Be Asked To Ease JEE Difficulty Level


At the present time, everyone is preparing for the competitive exam. So competitions are high for getting a job, according to your suitable position. The exam conducted by IIT also difficult to qualify.

The government wants the Indian Institutes of technology to bring down the difficulty levels of the Joint Engineering Exam (JEE)-Advanced so that seats don’t go vacant.

Due to high cut-off, this year students have not cleared the entrance exam. About 1000 students didn’t get chance to qualify the cut-off mark.

The level of question pattern becomes highly difficult for students to crack JEE exam. To see the poor examination outcome government wants to lower the cut-off mark.

It is announced that HRD minister R Subrahmanayam feels the 2018 exam was much beyond students’ capability.

We know the design pattern of JEE entrance level which adds complexity year after year.

After observing the poor performance in JEE, it becomes a matter of concern to makes some changes in the question pattern in order to make it standardized.

It is announced that this issue will be taken as a higher priority item in the next meeting of the IIT council, which is hosted by HRD minister.

On the initial merit list, several categories including that of female candidates were falling short of the desired number.

With the extended merit list, IITs are set to attain the target of 14% seats for women.

Out of 18000 students, only 2000 female students were qualified. It shows that what is the level of difficulty?

On Thursday joint admission board conducted an emergency meeting and finally decided to extend merit list by over 13000 candidates.

IITs had earlier decided against lowering the original cut-off and dilute the list.


It is noticed that they will take necessary steps regarding this issue after an emergency meeting attended by MHRD officials and IIT directors through video conferencing. IITs have to change the exam pattern and try to simplify the exam.

It will help students to crack the entrance exam.


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