Indian App’s Privacy Policies Not Up To Global Standards

Indian App’s Privacy Policies

Nowadays Technology markets are growing in a rapid manner. So the technology should be up-to-date with this growing generation. But it is seen that Indian App’s Privacy Policies not up to Global standard.

In comparison to International Policies, Indian consumer applications like Paytm and Flipkart do not offer the same range of data ownership and user rights as seen yet.

Privacy policies need to be more descriptive and detailed which is said by a chief executive of payments company phone, Sameer Nigam. Indian App’s Privacy Policies is not so good.

After an evaluation of the ‘privacy policy’ of top consumer applications in India by Economic Times have shown that privacy policies are generic, shorter in length, not available in Indian languages, and offer no examples of layered notices.

After research, it is noticed that the privacy policy which is brought to the market, do not provide detailing about users rights and important portion, with user understandable due to this reason user got into a trouble.

According to survey Flipkart primarily tracks users to find out browsing habits/interests and to market to them, to this extent they freely share most information (excluding name, telephone, address) with third parties which is a very sensitive matter to disclose with the public.

The onus is completely on the user regarding what information to share online and what not to.

It does not ensure that preventive measures are taken with respect to financial and other sensitive information.

It is noticed that Google, Whatsapp, Facebook, Flipkart, Bigo live did not respond to queries sent by ET.

It is very important noticed that the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) that was rolled out in the European Union in May punishes noncompliance with penalties of up to 4% of annual turnover.


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