India’s First CISCO Cyberops Student Workshop Inaugurated By Deepak Kumar Nath, CEO, Global Tech Promoters

Global Tech Promoters

Global Tech Promoters, one of the most renowned Organizations promoting Cybersecurity technology globally.

GTP is the leading provider of Global Business and A to Z technology-enabled services.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, the CEO of Global Tech Promoters, is well recognized being a renowned Security Researcher, Ethical Hacker, and TEDx Speaker in India.

He has been awarded for reporting vulnerabilities from the world-class company such as Facebook, Blackberry, and Microsoft etc.

For the first time, GTP (Global Tech Promoters) got associated with CISCO.

CISCO has an education department is well known as CISCO Networking Academy.

For the first time in India, CISCO Networking Academy is providing Workshop on cybersecurity known as CISCO Cyberops.

Global Tech Promoters

Today, the world is converting to Digital outlook. Henceforth, now time demands improvisation of technological skills to face any critical challenges.

Global Tech Promoters

With the pace of new innovation of technology and its advancement, no doubt progress has been achieved, but at the same time, it results in the increased possibility of cybercrimes throughout the world.

Now is the time to learn about new technologies to shape the future. Awareness about the cyber threats among the youths has become paramount.

In order to strengthen the immunity of Cyber Security, GTP has got associated with CISCO to promote the cybersecurity research with certifications.

Recently, four days of CISCO Cyberops Bootcamp organized by CISCO Networking Academy from 11th July- 14 July, 2018 at Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology, Andhra Pradesh.


Global Tech Promoters

The CEO of Global Tech Promoters, Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath has been invited to actively participate as a Proficient Trainer in CISCO Cyberops.

Global Tech Promoters

The Workshop has ended successfully with the active participation of 350+ students completed the CISCO Cyberops. On successful completion of the workshop, all the participants were encouraged with certifications equivalent to CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

At the end of the Workshop, all the participants seemed to be very enthusiastic and all were having a smiling face which clearly throws a feedback on the status of the workshop on Cyberops.

Each individual present there in the Workshop were thoroughly enjoyed the 4-day session organized by CISCO Networking Academy. This incoming feedback from the students has definitely boosted the confidence of the entire organizing team and its members who have left no stone unturned to present training on Cyberops.

Definitely, the 4-day session will bring an outstanding change in the life of those students who were very keen interest to learn about the Cyberops.

Global Tech Promoters

This approach of conducting workshop will definitely help numerous young blood generations to take their first step towards cyber security and development.

Awareness about the technological advancements and the threats associated with it is very much essential to protect yourself as well as others from being a victim.

CISCO Networking Academy has cited a ray of hope for all the interested students for further exploring in the field of Cyber Security in different parts of the country.

Global Tech Promoters

CISCO aims to widen the scope for empowering knowledge on technological advancements and IT security. Now, time is demanding for further improvisation in technological advancements.


GTP in association with CISCO Networking Academy has put forward the importance of Cyber Security in today’s era.

The Initiative taken by Global Tech Promoters in association with CISCO to promote Cyberops is undoubtedly appreciable.


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