Maruti Suzuki Introduces Quick Response Team To Its Roadside Assistance Service

Maruti Suzuki introduces quick response team to its roadside assistance service

Maruti Suzuki has added a two-wheeler-based roadside assistance team to its existing fleet of MoS (Maruti On road Service). The carmaker has been offering owners roadside assistance for the last two decades. Until now, the roadside assistance fleet included cars like the Omni but going forward, Maruti RSA technicians on bikes will come to the rescue of stranded owners in areas with heavy congestion or places where RSA cars can’t reach.

In the first phase, a total of 350 bikes have been introduced in the QRT in 251 cities. The carmaker aims to increase the two-wheeler fleet to 500 and the total roadside assistance fleet (QRT + MoS) to 1000 by 2020. Trained technicians will be equipped to cater to 90 percent of the problems that are faced by owners. The two-wheelers will be owned by dealerships.

The QRT will be a chargeable service. Visiting charge will range between Rs 420 to Rs 575 per call. However, if a car is under warranty or extended warranty, the owners will be waived off the charges.

The initiative is the first of its kind by any carmaker in India. However, there are third-party RSA services that send technicians to check and mend vehicles on-road on two-wheelers.

The QRT will cater to RSA calls of both Nexa and Arena customers and will work in conjunction with MoS. The carmaker says that QRT or MoS will be assigned a job based on which of the two can reach the stranded customer quicker.

To know more about contact details of Maruti RSA service and QRT, please read the official press release below.


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