Microsoft Buys GitHub For $7.5 Billion

Microsoft buys GitHub

After a long ongoing discussion and huge rumors, Finally, Microsoft officially announced that it will acquire GitHub. GitHub is a huge repository of codes. Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5 Billion.

The software giant Microsoft Buys GitHub and it’s the second big acquisition following the $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. Here is the official announcement of Microsoft.

GitHub was started before 10-year ago in San Francisco-based. The main motive of GitHub was to provide the way to share and collaborate on coding tools. You can say GitHub as the playground of software developers. It is an open-source platform.

GitHub is a galaxy of codes. The code repository that has become very popular among developers and companies hosting there entire projects, documentation, and code. Tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and much other use GitHub.

There are 85 million repositories hosted on GitHub, and 28 million developers contribute to them.

GitHub will be led by Nat Friedman. He is the current Microsoft developer-tools executive.

Now Microsoft is more active. More than 1,000 employees actively pushing code to GitHub repositories. By doing this, Microsoft may gain popularity among developers and can earn some much-needed trust and respect from the worldwide developers.

Why Microsoft buys GitHub

After seeing the big news, you may have the doubt why Microsoft buys GitHub.

Well, it is obvious to ask this question. When I saw this news I also want to know why Microsoft buys GitHub?

Microsoft declined to comment on this topic right now. I have found the following strong regions for this.

We are in 2018. While we wait for further OZ word on the future of GitHub, one thing is very clear: It would make perfect time for Microsoft to buy the code repository.

The collaboration may give a boost to Microsoft to compete with Amazon web servers(AWS). Amazon is leading cloud service provider now.

There is another logic why Microsoft buys GitHub. Developers love GitHub, and Microsoft needs that love of developers.

There are also rumors that Microsoft’s core operating platform, Windows, may become open-source after this merge. Microsoft has been actively pushing open source technologies like JavaScript engine, PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, and the Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft killed its own GitHub competitor, i.e Codeplex, in last December and is now the top contributor to GitHub.

These are some strong reasons why Microsoft buys GitHub.

Then a question arises why GitHub is selling?

There is also a region.

The company has run into some financial and leadership problem. They search for a boss. GitHub has been looking for a new CEO since August 2017.

These are some strong region why Microsoft buys GitHub.

What Satya Nadella says about it

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella says something about it.

“We will accelerate enterprise developers’ use of GitHub, with our direct sales and partner channels and access to Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure and services,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

He also says, “Microsoft is a developer-first company, and by joining forces with GitHub we strengthen our commitment to developer freedom, openness, and innovation,”

What is the effect of this on the world?

Do you want one line answer from me?

Then the answer is mixed. I mean, there is some positive as well as negative impact also.

With the deal with Microsoft and GitHub, some developers are happy and want to see what the result.

Not every developer are happy with this deals. Some developers have irritated and deleted his accounts from GitHub.

GitLab says (a GitHub competitor) it has seen a 10x increase in the number of developers moving their repositories over to GitLab service. This is a clear indication.

GitHub is an open-source platform. It may hurt some users because they are no more independent now. They are under Microsoft’s control.

Microsoft continued its close work with GitHub by integrating their service into the company’s App Center for developers.


The question around this acquisition will be what Microsoft does with GitHub in the future.

GitHub will need to stay as separate as possible from Microsoft to maintain developer trust. This seems to be difficult.

As the IT industry is a part of our life, we have very much exception on Microsoft.


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