More User Uses Paytm In Rural And Urban Areas

More user uses Paytm in rural and urban areas

Nowadays cashless transaction is possible due to Digitalization. There are various money transaction apps are available. Those Apps are very useful for every generation.

These are the varieties Apps for money transacting from one end to another end.

Nowadays Banking sectors are increasing their growth in Digitalization.

Due to this, every generation shows their interest to learn new apps which not only cashless but also doesn’t required to move step outside.

There are various Apps are available to transact money where Paytm is one of them which mostly used in Semi-Urban Areas and Rural Areas.

Do you know According to survey Paytm adoption mostly increased by its user and merchants in villages and smaller towns as compared to metros? More user uses Paytm in rural and urban areas.

It is noticed that adoptions of digital payments available in these areas like Chitradurga in Karnataka, Anugul in Odisha, Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and Kangra in Himachal Pradesh was 20% higher than in metros.

Have you ever heard about Kiran Vasireddy???

He is the chief operating officer of Digital Payments. They will frame a plan to take necessary steps to continue their efforts to reach out to people in every village and town in the country to educate them about Digital payments.

Paytm QR, Money Transfer, and Bill Payments continue to garner the highest number of transactions from the above-mentioned areas.

According to study, the company had improved their growth by 40% in terms of coverage of geographies. So this a clear indication that More user uses Paytm in rural and urban areas.

It expands its footprint across the country through the merchant referral scheme.

It is in the news that money will go directly to their bank accounts at no extra cost to users and this should encourage more people to go cashless.


According to my point, Everyone should know how to make a transaction on Paytm. It is a very simple app for a payment gateway. You can see this to know how to upload and use Paytm.

In this time and age, it is very helpful for old to young generation for going cashless no need to worry about change rupees.


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