Odisha Is Climbing The Ladders With Startup Companies

Odisha startups conclave

Nowadays Startup is a Buzzword. Did you ever think of what is the actual meaning of startup? Don’t worry , You are in the right place. I will carry you and take a tour to the dreamland of the startup i.e Odisha.

A Startup is nothing but a young company which is usually a minor and initially sponsored and functioned by a bit of organizer or one individual. These companies offer a Product or Service that is not currently being presented somewhere else in the Souk.

Did you know Startup Conclave is coming in between November 11 to 13??? According to my survey in ODISHA, there are 20 startups, those who got approval in one month which is in the air of Nationwide.  Where 233 Startups are registered in 39 fields among those 2000 got approved. Many business Incubators are helping early Startups to build their foundation more Strong.

Nowadays everyone starts their startup for invest his bread in a good track.  But only investing money is not enough for beginning a business because “A Company, Like a House, can Only be as Strong as its Foundation”.

Don’t   Waste Time for searching I have one solution for it:- Just see the GTP site.  It will help you to explore new things which are as follows Hosting, Technology, Training, Security, E-marketing etc. GTP is one of those companies which offer you a golden opportunity to improve your skill in any field. Imagine  You are a cake and GTP is one which icings your cake. Which boosts your inner capabilities to conquer this world.

GTP is a Leading STARTUP Company which discovers new technology related to IT Services.  Hence whatever we use in our daily lives is based on internet tools and services.

Hence those platforms gather most of our sensitive personal data and other vital information. So with the advancement of technology, there is a big disadvantage lies to be a victim of cyber threats.

No need to worry here’s one solution:- Global Tech Promoters which not only protects you from being a victim of cyber threats but provides a golden opportunity for Beginners to learn about Cyber Security.

Global Tech Promoters has now associated with GIIS to provide Diploma & Master degree in Cyber Security.

Global Institute Of Information Security (GIIS), the world-class leading Cybersecurity Training & Certification provider on latest career-oriented professional courses.

With growing demand of the Cyber Security Expert, you may have the wish to join the training program. By learning this, you can become an information security expert and you can take preventive security steps to the next level.

Focus on the key feature that Sparked Your passion in the First place!!!

You get to chase your dreams, live your passion and build something new-but all this comes with a bagful of risk and challenges.

In my point of view, GTP is one of the best institutes for technology lover. Before entering to this platform I never imagined the golden scope waiting in my near future.

Once I attended the demo class my confidence boosted with new hope and now I am exploring new ideas and technology.

In the technical field, the age doesn’t matter. To start any new thing you have potential to conquer this world with your sword of knowledge.

Global Tech Promoters is the 1st IT Security Service company in Odisha. It is founded in 2013 by Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, a cybersecurity expert and a leading ethical hacker in India.   Global The Promoters is the leading it security provider in Odisha from last 8+ years.
Deepak Kumar Nath owned company Global Tech Promoters provides a wide range of services.

Mr.Deepak Kumar Nath has left no stone unturned in order to make Odisha number one position on the basis of startup companies.


Hurry up!!!! Don’t be late to grab the golden opportunity that GTP is ready to provide you the best platform. Pick the right Co-Founder to make ventures more successful which will boost up your career. When the going gets tough, get resilient and eliminate the friction of your mind.

Then step up to the conflict, and deal with the things which slow you down. Never Give up.


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