Trai Halves Spectrum Price, To Sell 5G Waves For Rs 492 Crore

Trai halves spectrum price, to sell 5G waves for Rs 492 crore

Telecom regulator Trai on Thursday almost halved the base price of highly efficient 700 MHz spectrum band for any future auction from Rs 11,485 crore in 2016 to Rs 6,568 crore per MHz.

The base price for pan-India 1800 MHz band was at fixed Rs 3,285 crore per megahertz, while the most advanced spectrum 5G would come for a base price of Rs 492 crore per megahertz.

In its first recommendations on 5G, Trai said 3,300-3,400 MHz and 3,400-3,600 MHz bands should be combined and treated as one band — 3,300-3,600 MHz band.

The regulator said spectrum in 3,300-3,600 MHz band should be put to auction in a big block size of 20 MHz.  To avoid monopolization of this band, there should be a limit of 100 MHz per bidder.

Trai said that barring the specific locations or districts where Isro is using the 25 MHz (3,400 MHz — 3,425 MHz) of the spectrum, the entire spectrum from 3,300 MHz to 3,600 MHz should be made available for access services and should be included in the forthcoming auction.

Trai said spectrum in frequency range 3300-4200 MHz is likely to emerge as a primary band for an early 5G introduction. So a number of countries in different regions are taking action towards refarming 200-400 MHz of contiguous bandwidth in the 3300-4200 MHz frequency range for 5G.


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