India makes strong pitch

Indian energy and petroleum growth wave attracted potential US players to Houston during a two-day investors meeting due to its favorable geology

A two-day investors' meeting was held from September 28-29, demonstrating the lucrative fiscal policies and conducive environment of the energy and petroleum (E&P) sector

During his speech, he highlighted India's strengths and role in the global energy ecosystem, as well as India's potential as a source of energy opportunities.

which stands at one-third of the global average, the demand is expected to grow. India is the fourth largest oil importer in the world, and the demand is expected to rise as a result

In order to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy to its growing population, India is exploring multiple attractive opportunities in the energy sector

By 2040, it is expected to consume about 450 MMT of oil, up from about 220 MMT in 2022 as the second largest oil consumer in the world

The Indian government, he said, has instituted a liberal, transparent policy in which most sectors have been automatically open to foreign direct investment.