WhatsApp To Train People In Sifting Fakes

WhatsApp to train people in sifting fakes

WhatsApp said that it will train community leaders on fake news across states where cases of violence have been reported as well as states that are due for elections. Under pressure to take steps to prevent the spread of rumours on its platform.

The company said in a statement that, the training will encourage WhatsApp users to be more open towards other communities, to enable them to differentiate between opinions and facts and to inculcate a habit of verifying information through simple checks before forwarding it to their friends and family.

Last week IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had asked WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels to take steps to prevent the spread of fake news through its platform.

Separately, WhatsApp has initiated a radio campaign to create awareness about misinformation circulated through its platform. With this radio campaign, WhatsApp urges users to be cognizant of the messages they receive and be mindful before forwarding them.

The Centre had warned the company that it could face abetment charges if action was not taken.


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